Just wrote a draft and saved it and then the computer conked or rather the internet did.– checked out the best Indian bloggers and then checked blogs by Chandrahas Chaudhary

who wrote Arzee the Dwarf. His blogs are one possibility of what a blog could be. they are long, deep and reflective and deal with serious literary issues such Manto’s work or the work of an Oriya writer-Senapati?

What I like is the refusal to sex up his pieces or make them provocative just for the attention. On the other hand

he seems to have stopped blogging after 2011. Where is he now?

Ok there is a post from last month about Arzee the Dwarf becoming an imprint of the New York Review Of Books.

he has been blogging since 2005 and been viewed by 18460 people.

Wonder why he calls his blog The Middle Stage. its a literary blog.



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