Rushdie Conference in Portugal

There is a conference going on on Rushdie at Portugal at the moment. It is called Swallowing

the World and it looks at the literary legay of Rushdie and his relevance in the twenty first century.

I am a great Rushdie fan. Most of all because he makes me laugh but also because he gives me confidence to write and try to find an audience for the stories I would like to tell. Rushdie just seems to be an older, wiser and more informed version of what I would like to be as an author. Taken to its extreme level of madness I am Rushdie.

So it breaks my heart not to be there now with my paper on Rushdie which says he is the forefather of all subcontinental writing in English post 1981,.

But more than Rushdie this is more a blog about how I reached out to a brilliant scholar/teacher at Washington University because I am struggling to deepen and widen my scholarship. I wrote through email and got prompt replies and was also privileged to have my paper read and commented upon.  which is a forum and resource for digital scholars of Rushdie.

Incidentally I use email a lot to reach out to people who can me because located in Bhopal I can sometimes feel that i am really out in the wilderness and the world has forgotten me. I have got in touch with many scholars that way but Tawnya Ravy i is amazing as a human being as well as a scholar.

Just thought I would take this public forum to say thank you. Also point out to ways in which email can drive collaboration/networking/bonding between academicians working in the same area


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