When I was looking up Rushdie on Twitter I came across the spat between Franzen

and Rushdie on Twitter. Franzen berates the new social media and  says the Amazon model

favors braggers and yakkers.. He laments that Rushdie has succumbed to Twitter.

In response Rushdie commented that Franzen was welcome to the Ivory Tower but that authors such as Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates and others have also taken to the social media.

i must confess that before this I had not heard of Jonathan Franzen even though he seems to be a respected American

author. He shot to prominence when he attacked the Winfrey Book Selection process and his novel became a bestseller.

Is it a coincidence that his attack on Rushdie came just before his book on Krauss appeared in the market?

The other question is are authors logging into social media as a form of self publicity? Which means it is helping their professional advancement. They stay current, update their readers about appearances and new books that have come in the market?

The impact and outcome of professional advancement efforts through social media cannot yet be measured and calculated.

The medium is still young. case studies are waiting to be written.

But the fact that there are universities(Sheffield and Bradford, Leeds) and academicians on the social media sites says something

about the growing perception that social media will help to establish credibility..





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