Today I am looking at the blogs of some of the most well known achievement coaches.

There is Tony Robbins who wrote Awaken The Giant Within twenty years ago and

Robin Sharma of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Fame. I am ambivalent about Sharma. On one hand he is

Indian so have that national loyality. On the other hand he is just too prolific. Something about that scares me!

Anyhow both are offering free ebooks on their blogs. Robbins offers excerpts from the old Awaken the Giant Within and Sharma offers help on leading an absolutely stunning life. I guess the free ebook allows them to get acess to you email addresses and then they can send their reports and newsletters and information about the coaching programs and training seminars they lead.

For example Robin Sharma is launching or has launched the Extreme Achievement Program online. They are  both on facebook and twitter too.

Goal setting and success motivation are not the buzz words that they once used to be. The new emphasis seems to be on fulfillment not success. Mindfulness. Then there is started in 2005. It has now declared itself into the public domain. you can steal content without guilt-the author has waived copyright.

All of them are uploading videos. zenhabits has lots of videos of other people speaking too.

An interesting take on goal setting too. Yes the list of everything you want to be and have is fine but what would your priorities be if you had just one day to live. So pay attention to the day too.



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