How to generate traffic for your page

I have been posting these blogs into the darkness hoping somebody will

see them and respond.I think it takes time for search engines to pick them

up so io have been harassing friends who have clicked in but not “liked”

my page.

The struggle for being “liked” takes on a whole new dimension!

Also the fear what will my friends think. Nobody else has written in.

Just some of the psychological problems of blogging!

So I read a post on this at

and then I wrote in a desperate email to the lady who writes that blog. 

Checked out her own company blog

and there was this thoughtful piece about people are inundated by messages and

how social media allows you to engage with potential customers provided you create dynamic and interesting content.

Also read

and learnt about some of the sites I haven’t really used yet such as Quora, Tumbir and an app called Tumbir.


So are people really making money on blogs? Advertising, sponsorships, affiliate programmes  and selling their own products are some of the ways in which blogs are generating money. There is even something called pay per pos


One thought on “How to generate traffic for your page”

  1. I have started my own business and its in early stage,finding a blog from where one can learn and at the same time read so many professional blogs on how to use internet as a tool to market one’s business is very helpful.

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