Permanent revolution

Can social media create a revolution?
In the aftermath of the Egyptian Spring when Mobarak was forced to step
down aftre thirty years in power it seemed social media could do anything at all.
The young people of Egypt had used Facebook effectively to mobilise, there were tweets pouring out of the country and there were some who were convinced that the revolution could be dubbed the Twitter Revolution. Others spoke of how blogs were able to disseminate knowledge of organising principles and practices. YouTube has also been seen as a valuable tool of revolutionary ardor, because anyone with a mobile phone can upload videos which can tell the world what is happening within a country,such as Syria.
Malala’s rise to becoming the most famous teenager in the world and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee could be considered to have begun with the writing of a blog in Urdu.
So yes social media can help to create awareness and conscript support for a movement.
It can inspire people to donate money and resources. But now as always it will always be the protester on the street, daring the bayonets, standing up to dictatorship and putting her life at risk for an ideal and a cause who will create the true and permanent revolution.


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