The power and potential of viral marketing.

In 2009 Ashton Kutchner challenged CNN to a Twitter duel. Who would be the first to gain 1 million followers on Twitter?

Kutchner won. Till then it was assumed that breaking news was the most obvious and popular use of social media

but Kutchner proved internet is still about personalities and celebrities. 

Viral marketing has become the new buzz word in marketing circles and it refers to videos or material that goes “viral”-and gains unbelievable viewership and following. The great thing about viral marketing is that it is fast and cheap.The problem is it cannot really be predictably created. You may create phenomenal content and it may not go viral.

In 2011 Kolaveri D video went viral in India. It was a simple video clip of Dhanush singing the song at a studio and has reported over a million hits in the first few days. Facebook was the main driver of this campaign but constant tweets about the song and the Youtube upload also helped to fuel curiousity and interest.. the word Kolaveri was intriguing as was the birth of the new phenomenon Tanglish ) a mixture of Tamil and English). the song is now being studied at IIMs for viral marketing strategies.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Dhanush is the son in law of Rajinikanth, the Tamil superstar, whose own videos and their animated versions invariably go viral. Many comic videoes devoted to the icon have also turned viral.

I have just checked out that a fellow blogger at has some of these videos that went viral



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