Fabrics and Dreams

Today I venture into unknown territory *for me): Fashion Blogging. The first blog I checked out was The Sartorialist

(http://www.thesartorialist.com). I kept looking for the content till I realised the blog is all in pictures.

The blog is owned by a photographer and he travels across the world-to Paris, Moscow, Milan- and captures the style of people

in striking photographs. He claims to earn in seven figures using his blog.

Most of the top fashion bloggers seem to be in the US. But I checked out http://garotasestupidas.com/ which was in Portuguese.

This blog seems to have attracted advertisers. the owner is also available across a range of social media platforms. Other fashion blogs actually are running like product endorsements so you may have descriptions of back packs or running shoes.

In India who would be the top fashion blogger? Do fashion designers have their own blogs?

I did a random check and came across a cute fashion blogger http://www.thedelhifashionblogger.com/2012/02/about-me.html

She has her own videos uploaded and very simple advice for example on the psychology of fashion-which for the fashion challenged like me is interesting. Most of the blogs that I browsed through seemed to be owned by young people, very chirpy and conversational. Soem giveaways on fashion blogs too.

If the blogger gets enough readership and following he or she can dream of becoming a celebrity, writing a book and spinning off money from affiliate programmes. Thats whats seems to be happening on the scene of fashion blogging and personal styling


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