I’d like to teach the world to sing

Checked into the Coca Cola UK blog.

Very dramatic red and white design..

In the FAQ I learn that coca Cola started on 8 th may 1886 when John Pemberton offered it at a medicine shop

and people liked it. And that their advertisement campaign in 1931 created Santa as we know him, rotund. old man

with a white beard, sparkling eyes.

For a company that sells carbonated drinks it is interesting that columns in the blog are devoted to health and wellness.)

The Pepsico blog has a blue theme and an emphasis on Performance witn Purpose. I was interested to see that they are tying up with chefs to create products with greater nutritional content.

Where the Coke blog seems to be about history, nostalgia and the past  (**happy feelings) , the Pepsico blog is looking towrads the future.


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