Just read something about an app called social reader. It works through Facebook and allows

you to share the news that you find interesting, to begin conversations and see what other

people are reading. It also saves you the bother of scouring the web looking for news by directing

the stories that you may be interested in towards you. 

Just read an article on about the word “Because” Its changing and evolving in usage.

Its becoming used as a preposition or as a because noun. To explain better I quote directly from the

article sourced from The Atlantic “You probably know it better, however, as explanation by way of Internet—explanation that maximizes efficiency and irony in equal measure. I’m late because YouTube. You’re reading this because procrastination. As the linguist Stan Carey delightfully sums it up: “‘Because’ has become a preposition, because grammar.”

Linguists npw have a new area of study-the change of grammar and vocabulary because internet


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