What social media experts are talking about

To give credit where it is due-this whole post is inspired by an email from Jeff Bulias

about brands that are able to amplify their marketing free on social media. He offered many

case studies. i have picked up one Red Bull.

Ofcourse once I started googling it I realised that Red Bull seems to be a very celebrated

social media success story at the moment. It has its Red Bull Stratos Facebook page

and is active on Pininterest, YouTube and a host of other social media platforms.

Since my interest here is limited to blogs, I checked on their blog content.

The design is part of the association with adventure, extreme sports. Soccer stars, Formula 1 racers, skiiers

and other sports and adventure freaks talk about their challenges and their struggles.

Since I am no longer young and rive at twenty kilometres per hour, Red Bull does npt resonante but I did check out

the Cannes Film Festival blog where Cyril Despres talks about Red Bull Romantics or the Red Bull City Scramble between talking of racing


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