Singh is In, Singh is King

There is something about Sikhism that really fascinates me. It has been my opinion always

that when you need help you can ask a sardar and can be sure he will be warm and responsive. Maybe its a

stereotype but it has also been my experience. A religion that sees langar and seva as intrinsic to 

sprituality ingrains helpfulness. there is also tremendous confidence involved in the helping.

You can only give when you have plenty and have faith that you can create plenty again.

Checked up blogs on Sikhism (I am not a Sikh, just an admirer) Found the term Sikh Chic.

Found an interesting blog-Singh Street Style- a fashion blog for Singhs. It has photographs of sardars dressed fashionably

and in front rows of fashion shows or in the streets of London. Amazing concept-that Singhs are In. The site is owned by a photographer and is a very simple and powerful concept.

Also read a blog  on “The F word” that talks about feminism in Sikhism-that women were meant to be warrior like and that they take the name Kaur so the name does not change after marriage. And there is a Sikh Feminist research Centre in UK. Saw that on the same blog- sikh feminists.

Also read a blog by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, Professor at Kellogs about the basic beliefs of Sikhism and how they

fuelled his own professional success. 


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