The Future of Story Telling

The iVersity is offering a free MOOC course on The Future of Storytelling and through that course

I have become aware of this notion of convergence culture. Checked out a blog-Confessions

of an Aca Fan ( and found discussions of comics,music, participatory culture
and a syllabus for transmedia storytelling. Stories will spill across
multiple screens and platforms(TV.Cinema,comics, games). He identifies himself as an Aca Fan because he is an academician but also a fan of popular culture.The blog is irreverent and quirky but its also incredibly intelligent. Its the voice of an acdemic reaching out to the world, very open, willing to teach and to learn. Awesome!

Also found a blog entitled This Monkey Can Type and the blogger Scott Walker is a fellow NaNoWrMo writer.He describes

himself as as a writer, creative catalyst and typing monkey! What did I learn from him? Be brief.


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