No lip talk for feminism please-we don’t need you

The Think festival was organised in Goa and it marked the pinnacle of

Tejpal’s success as the Great Communicator, one of the most powerful people in the country.

As the mythologist Devdutt Pattnaik would have warned where there is Lakshmi there is also Alakshmi= be aware.

Tejpal attempted to rape a young woman-is it something he has probably done with impunity in the past and got away with?

That could be the only reason he had the confidence to try in the lift of a hotel. The woman complained and asked for

a complaints committee under the Vishaka guidelines to be set up, the details of her mail somehow got leaked to social media

and it was curtains for Tejpal-we hope.

But he is a powerful, well connected man. Even Javed Akhtar condoned him for his “guts” when he issued an apology admitting that he had tried to force himself on the young woman. I wonder if he will every be punished?

 Nivedita Menon wrote a stirring piece on Kafila which sees this incident in the context of the reality of sexualised workplaces and predatory men across a range of professions ( Raksha Kumar asks if powerful editors can get away with sexual harassment and Shampa wrote an incisive and detailed piece on the issue in this week’s Sunday Standard.

I know there is a gender bias in my selection of pieces I read and agreed with. I am sure there are men out there who believe we are blowing things out of proportion. I wish they would speak up and debate.discuss. argue rather than mouth feminsim and practise  sexual violence like Tarun Tejpal/


2 thoughts on “No lip talk for feminism please-we don’t need you”

  1. The whole Tejpal incident is again good reminder that it’s not some “evil monsters” that engage in rape, sexual harassment etc. and how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to misogyny here.

    Had no idea that Javed Akhtar said it though, could you link me? Jesus Christ.

  2. He deleted the tweet when there was Tweet protest. Luckily tweeters have scant respect for celebrities when they mess up like this.
    Incidentally your blog is very intelligent, so despite my distrust of male feminists after Tejpal, I am impressed.

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