Bigg Boss 7

Bigg Boss is compulsive, addictive television watching. It is a voyeur’s come true.

We see these people who have stopped behaving themselves, stopped being polite and we feel they are

more “real”. Envy, divisiveness and power-play-it is all the stuff of a good miegamovie plus we have the illusion

that these characters are “real” because they carry their own names into this scripted drama.

Saw the Bigg Boss Live blog.

The responses are as fascinating as the contestants- from those who are supporting Gauhar, to those that are calling her a drama queen, those who are saying very knowingly that they know people are logging in from different accounts to promote their own candiadtes-it seems like the audience is acting out their own version of the Bogg Boss on cyber space. Sonal Swaroop says “wen you abuse me , you abuse your upbringing , ur parents and it is reflective of the way you have been brought up ….so I’m not at all baffled , infact I’m pretty much enjoying your frustration carry on” 

Checked out and see that almost all the contestants are actors.

That should tell us something? An article on HT reveals that Tanisha is making the most money on the show and that the contract the contestants sign encourages them to fight or cosy up to each other.

A female warden, a Salman Khan-doing what he does best., an un-explainable emotional connect with audiences- the TRPs are good especially on the weekends when Salman Khan is urging people Not to watch the show if they don’t like it! 


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