war of Wizards

So Anand has lost the FIDE World Championship to Carlsen, the Harry Potter of Chess.

Huffington Post is calling Carlsen   the “hunkiest thing to hit chess: and tells us he has just finished his second ad ca,paign for G Star Raw. Moved over to Susan Polgar’s blog. (The Polgar sisters are legends in the field of chess. Their father brought them up on chess, home schooling them.) Polgar is a world chess Grandmaster.The blog also has a piece about what investors could learn from chess and a mention of the book coming out in 2014 : Rich as a King  which is the first book to incorporate chess strategies into creating personal financial success. Polgar’s blog also tells me that the demand for personal coaching in chess is growing and that chess tutorials are now happening over skype.(susanpolgar.blogspot.com)

Chess is the old classic game of strategy, tactics and patience. In the twenty first century computer games seem to be gaining ground.Heard of this man called David Cage. He is Game Director of Beyond: Two Souls, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation-only video game.The game features Academy Award nominated actress Ellen Page and William Dafoe.

Went to Cage’s own blog where he talks about the process of creating the games. ” I feel like I’m looking up at Everest with an ice axe in my hand and wondering how I’m going to make it to the top.”

Game studies is developing as a separate field of academic inquiry with its own experts. Some see games as cultural artifacts.There are academic journals, conferences and professional association.Even learnt a new word-“ludologist.”-  a game studies expert amd “ludoliteracy”.  Found a Gamelog where serious gamers can blog about the games they are playing.

Maybe I should finally start watching Kaun Banega Crorepati


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