Cute cats and Pink Chaddis

 The tools of social media were developed so people could share personal messages and photographs of cute cats!

This is Zuckerman’s theory and cute cats refers to low vale but popular activities on the net.

The tools that develop become very useful for digital activists.

“Sufficiently usable read/write platforms will attract porn and activists. If there’s no porn, the tool doesn’t work. If there are no activists, it doesn’t work well,” Zuckerman says.

A recent research project at the University of Washington studied digital activism across the world and concluded Twitter, YouTube and Facebook rule their respective categories. Any surprises here?

My favourite for sheer audaciousness remains the pink chaddi campaign. on the Yolanda Typhoon in Pjillipines talks about the use of MicroMappers. there are scores available to measure digital activism results


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