Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Yesterday was twenty nine years since the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

As somebody who lives in and loves Bhopal I still cannot fathom how such a large

human disaster could have been allowed to happen and why it seems increasingly

as if the tragedy belongs to the past and to Bhopal’s history while the truth is victims

continue to suffer and survivors continue to protest. Read an old blog of Shekhar Kapur ( and I quote him:

“Had this accident occurred in the US and be bound by US laws even 25 years ago, the legal compensation would have wiped out the market value of Union Carbide and many Insurance Co’s with it. It would have run into 10′s (if not 100′s) of billions of dollars. And the compensation would have continued today as the people of Bhopal continue to suffer from the thousands of cases of cancer and incurable birth defects in children born to the parents of the people that inhaled the gas on the terrible night. And as toxic waste continues to seep into and through the ground water 25 years later.”

Can the loss of lives and the years of suffering ever be compensated for? Perhaps not. But healing might begin by

the Government and the Company’s recognition that a Crime against Humanitiy has been committed and this city has seen its own terrible holocaust.


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