In the 1970’s a movement directed against crimes against women began in the US. It was called Take

Back the Night and comprised of women-only marches in the night with candles to protest against the fact

that nights were considered especially unsafe for women. There can be no freedom of speech without freedom

of movement. http://takebackthenight.org/ 

In the light of the growing instances of cyber stalking and online harassment, a movement has been launched to create equal access to the internet and computing technology. In November over sixteen days women blog about issues related to violence against women. http://takebackthetech.pk/ shows us the kind of harassment women face in Pakistan when they try to articulate feminist concerns.

Twitter, Facebook,Google- all the heroes and founding fathers of these new technologies have been male.Those who design and create ICT may not be sensitive to the specific needs of women.This has led to the “gender digital divide” and Take Back The Tech is a movement meant to empower women by storming the bastions of Tech access.

If more women are to enter the Tech work-force it may be necessary to look for the role models for women in Science and Engineering. Read about Ada Lovelace in the New Yorker http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/elements/2013/10/ada-lovelace-the-first-tech-visionary.html

Would love to know more about women role models and high achievers in the field of Scien


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