Aunty meets Beyonce

any times while writing this blog I feel like an aunty desperately trying to catch up

with popular culture. I grew up as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper hit the music scene and have

always felt just a little peeved that Madonna flourished and Cyndi fell to the wayside.”Girls just wanna have fun”

still speaks to me more than “Papa don’t preach”. 

Madonna identifies herself more with Lady Gaga in terms of ambition while Beyonce has  spoken of wanting

to set up a business empire just like Madonna. In the meantime Camilia Padlia exhorts Miley Cyrus to go back to school

and debunks any comparisons between Cyrus and the young Madonna by pointing out that Madonna is an artist while Cyrus is a wanna be.

Last year a South Korean song released on YouTube became a rage. Did anyone really understand what the song was about?

Now the success of that song is being studied as symptomatic of a convergent media culture where products emerge and fade away quickly


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