Digital Dementia

South Koreans doctors have identified a cognitive disease associated with the use of smart phones over a long period of tiime.

It is called digital dementia.The country has one of the best developed and fastest

networks in the world with a very high rate of digital device usage. “Cases of “digital dementia” associated with smartphone addiction are characterized by memory deficits, attention disorders and emotional flattening among young people who spend too much time using a gaming device, web searching, texting, and multimedia on smartphones.” Clinics have been established to treat this dementia such as the Balance Brain Centre in Southern Seoul. People are writing about the digital invasion of our lives and urging us to step back from technology and get a life.

In 2012 a German neuro-scientist(Manfred Spitzer) published a book called Digitale Dementz and urged the banning of computers in the classroom.Avoid digital media,” Spitzer advises. “As shown here many times over, they truly do make us fat, dumb, aggressive, lonely, sick and unhappy.” The provocative psychiatrist compares teaching children to use online media to serving them beer, and providing computers in elementary schools to heroin dealers getting their users hooked.

On the other hand we have the “Flynn effect” named after the political scientist James Flynn who wrote “Are We Getting Smarter? Rising IQ in the Twenty-First Century,” which states that IQs are actually increasing with each generation


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