Dmitry Glukhovsky


Novel. Dystopia/ thriller. AST Publishers. Moscow 2013. 361 pages

Europe has become immortal. No more illnesses and no more genetic defects. Controlling the masses by harsh measures has become inevitable. Most of the inhabitants live in incredibly high skyscrapers, the priveleged on the top floors. Only there a small part of the horizon is visible.

Each and every couple has to obey the core rule of the entire system: In the case of a pregnancy it is only one parent who will be allowed to survive. Reprodcution OR Immortality. Now and then children are born without an official registration. The parents just cannot take the emotional pain of taking the decision among themselves. For this “crime” all parties involved will have to pay…

Jan is born as one of those “illegal” children and grows up in an orphanage provided for those cases. This is his punishment. He now has lost not only one but both parents. As a brainwashed member of an inner circle he will serve the system in its mission to give injections to those parents who have declared to die.

But the transformation does not quite work. The more he starts to understand about the manipulation of the system he lives in and is supposed to kill for the more he becomes rebellious. He starts to feel how love changes everything. Sooner or later he will have to make the hardest decision of his life himself…

In his fifth novel Glukhovsky presents a more complex and literary work outside of the METRO series.He now deals with the major questions of mankind on a deeper and more radical level: Death and Immortality, love and manipulation.


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