I can’t help but salivate over the large amount of money paid to filmstars and models

as salaries. However a basic prerequisite for such celebrityhood seems to be

youth and spectacular looks. sigh!

Nearing fifty and having always been challenged in the looks department what

I can hope for and aspire to is acadmic celebrityhood. Let\s see whose got there?

Niall Ferguson. But then just read his disclaimer. Its not about his looks! (which means it is?)

He is called the “Harvard heart-throb.| 

Henry Jenkins notes the need for public intellectuals  I have often argued here that at a moment of profound and prolonged media change, which is impacting all aspects of our society, we have a professional obligation to lend our expertise to larger conversations that are going to impact our collective future, that we should be engaged in conversations with industry, journalists, policy makers, and the larger public, and that we should be taking advantage of the full range of affordances of networked media as vehicles for sharing our ideas beyond our own disciplinary enclaves.


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