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Learning English with the King of Rock and Roll!

Since the beginning of civilization, there have been those who turn the spoken tongue into a

work of art. Through these linguistic artists we learn to express every feeling of the spectrum, and share

our histories, knowledge, and beliefs. No matter where you’re from, a cultures heritage is shared

through its music, and the themes of its master narrative can be discerned from the lyrical styling of its

greatest musicians. They capture the heart and soul of a generation, and create cultural jewels to be

passed down through the generations to share its meaning with those who come afterwards, that their

roots may never be forgotten.

The absolute basics of language are shared through music, with songs existing to teach our

children the foundations of our alphabet, to tenses, and broadening our vocabulary. There’s little that

will cement a language and culture in our mind like music. We sing along with it, we use it as a theme

song for our activities throughout the day, to work with, and to make love to. Today we’ll be spending

some time with one of the greatest musicians of all time, Elvis Presley. Known as the King of Rock and

Roll, he heralded the entrance of not just a new style of music, but of a blatant, provocative kind of

dance nicknamed the Elvis Pelvis that made women swoon the world round.

The first song we’ll be addressing today is one that takes a moment to tell that special someone

that no matter where we go, you can always say “Always on My Mind”. Throughout the King tells that

special person that, every day in every way that they were thinking of them. No matter where he was

or what he was doing, even when he forgot to show it or say it, it was always them that kept him going

throughout his day. While you sing along, you’ll build your vocabulary and pronunciation as you sing

along with the King.

Going on from there we’re going to go to a fun little number telling everyone that he’s in love,

and that that singular emotion has him “All Shook Up”. It’s got a fun, brisk beat that will have you

singing it everywhere. It’s impossible not to dance along with this song, and singing it will have you

smiling and upbeat, and spinning your lover about the dance floor. Its lyrics are simple and repetitive,

and the song doesn’t overstay its welcome. So pick up the song with the King, and brighten up the day

of the one you love with a song!

We’re going to do one more today, and it’s an absolute icon of his music. It’s a fast jazzy beat

with a driving guitar, a light-hearted piano backdrop, and a whimsical description of a party in a

Jailhouse. That’s right, today we’ll be singing along with “Jailhouse Rock”, a little tune that will make

you think that perhaps jail wouldn’t be such a bad place to visit for a while! Don’t take that advice,

because this song should be used to set your linguistic skills free! Sing along with Elvis in this ditty, and

you’ll find your diction, rhythm, and pronunciation skills breaking loose like a county jail break!

Music is one of the best ways to work on your language skills, and I hope you’ve enjoyed taking

this trip with the King today. Look up more of his music to keep expanding, for all that he has a very

distinctive ‘twang’ to his voice, his words are always understandable, and always fun to sing! Thanks for

joining us to today and just keep singing!


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