Motivation Drives

Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP). The 16 scales include:
acceptance, or the desire for positive self-regard;
curiosity, the desire for understanding;
eating, the desire for food;
family, the desire to raise children and spend time with
honor, the desire for upright character;
idealism, the desire for social justice;
independence, the desire for self-reliance;
order, the desire to be organized and clean;
physical activity, the desire for muscle exercise;
power, the desire for influence or leadership;
romance, the desire for beauty and sex;
saving, the desire to collect;
social contact, the desire for peer companionship;
status, the desire for respect based on social standing;
tranquility, the desire to be free of anxiety and pain; and
vengeance, the desire to confront those who offend.


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