Just wrote a draft and saved it and then the computer conked or rather the internet did.– checked out the best Indian bloggers and then checked blogs by Chandrahas Chaudhary

who wrote Arzee the Dwarf. His blogs are one possibility of what a blog could be. they are long, deep and reflective and deal with serious literary issues such Manto’s work or the work of an Oriya writer-Senapati?

What I like is the refusal to sex up his pieces or make them provocative just for the attention. On the other hand

he seems to have stopped blogging after 2011. Where is he now?

Ok there is a post from last month about Arzee the Dwarf becoming an imprint of the New York Review Of Books.

he has been blogging since 2005 and been viewed by 18460 people.

Wonder why he calls his blog The Middle Stage. its a literary blog.




Now I am looking at bloggers across disciplines and fields and came across Byron Katie.

She does something that she calls The Work. Four fundamental questions are asked as part of that work:

Whenever a thought causes you pain you ask:

Is it true?

Can you absolutely know that its true?

What happens when you believe that thought?

Who would you be without that thought?

And then there is the Turnaround: what if the opposite thought was also true?

She has her own official blog and I quote from her blog

on doing the dishes:

“Doing the dishes” is a practice of learning to love the action that is in front of you. Your inner voice or intuition guides you all day long to do simple things such as doing the dishes, driving to work, or sweeping the floor. Allow the sanctity of simplicity. Listening to your inner voice and then acting on its suggestions with implicit trust creates a life that is more graceful, effortless, and miraculous.”

Day One

This is going to be a two month experiment in blogging. Just trying to figure out how blogging can help in professional development.

So the first thing I did was check out a list of successful blogs and some of the ones I liked were Heidi’s

101 cookbooks. there are blogs about parenting, blogs about boxing… endless list. Huffington Post made political blogging hot. There are blogs devoted to celebrity gossip and the Drudge Report which brought out the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. There are bloggers blogging about food, their sex life, their relationships, their fashion choices.

I wrote to Nik Peachey,  Learning Consultant Trainer and Teacher:

He has written an article on how he uses social media for professional development:
Learning technology news
Tools for learners:
Thats it for now