My Father

My Father

My father taught me not to be afraid and not to look for short cuts.

i didn’t always agree with him or his decisions. But he was gentle and wise and intelligent.

He had the most beautiful eyes and hectored me to always be the giver (not that I always listen)

When we complained that people he had helped went on with their own lives and did not come back

to check on him he said”I have not bought them”. He also said it was an illusion that anybody could do anything for anybody else.

It was all God.

As I get older I see the wisdom of his views. Also he is not around so whats the point of rebelling.

Oh yes! he also talked about economic independence before anything else- especially for women. in a marriage obsessed culture he was nonchalant about the possibilities of marriage but adamant about economic independence.

At forty seven I can see why.

Will never stop missing him or seeing a reflection of him in my life and my choices.

Thank you dad